Internal Investigation

FaVer AS can assist private and public enterprises with uncovering and investigating economic irregularities and other types of breaches on internal regulations, applicable laws and other censurable conditions.

Financial infidelity, misappropriation and fraud will affect not only the economy, but also the reputation and public opinion of the company. It is of great significance to investigate these types of cases. These types of actions must be brought to an end, one must try to allocate the values and any shortcomings on the internal control must be unveiled to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

We have developed a unique process to prevent, unveil and investigate these types of incidents. We transfer knowledge to our clients, with the aim to develop organizational resistance against corruption and other forms of financial crime.
The long experience and solid competence possessed by the employees of FaVer AS makes us able to assist companies in need of such internal investigations. Our advantage lays both within our unique competence on interview techniques combined with forensic expertise and on our lean organization, making such internal investigations far cheaper than many of the other providers within this segment.

FaVer AS have recently strengthened our position in this marked through a merger with the well established firm Frangs AS headed up by Bjørn Frang.

Our international network of contacts provides us with excellent opportunities for working across borders and time zones.