Seminars and education

We offer training courses directed at both sales personnel and caseworkers in the insurance industry. The employees of FaVers have vast experience in presenting goal-oriented lectures where legislation, trends, fraud extent, case types and anonymized case studies are presented.

The main focus for sales personnel will be:

  • How to select customers and risk at the time of contract formation?
  • The main focus for caseworkers will be:
  • How to reveal insurance fraud at claim settlement?
  • In what other case types can an investigator assist with fact clarifications?

Within the segment of “internal investigations”, we have developed a unique process to prevent, unveil and investigate corruption and other types of financial crime. We focus on sharing knowledge with our clients in order to make their organizations more able to develop robust means to prevent violations of the law, irregularities, and internal breaches.

Some of the other training courses we deliver are:

  • Tailored training courses for personnel travelling to high risk areas
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) measures