Security/Emergency Preparedness and Response

FaVer AS has employees with solid experience on security and emergency preparedness and response. We can assist companies on mapping areas of vulnerability, preparing risk assessments and identifying risk mitigating measures that will protect the company from threats to operations, reputation and business continuity.

We can assist companies that plan, or already have, operations abroad on making risk assessments for the country in question. We can identify risk mitigating measures and make recommendations ahead of the assignment in order to make the risk as low as reasonably practicable.

Below are some of the services we offer within this segment:

  • Short sessions aimed to raise consciousness among decision makers regarding the risk of operations abroad; trends, pitfalls, experience sharing, etc.
  • Training courses tailor made for personnel assigned to operate in risk areas.
  • Custom made handbooks for relevant countries/areas.
  • Investigation of incidents across borders.
  • Advice on safety, security and medical risk linked with international operations, hereunder crime, transportation, terrorism, corruption, cultural differences, diseases, etc.
  • Travel risk assessments; personal check lists for travelers in high risk areas.
  • Assistance on preparing procedures and standards within personnel security, physical security and emergency preparedness and response.
  • Risk assessments for countries/regions where the company is planning operations.
  • Advice on how to account for, and communicate with, personnel based in exposed areas.
  • Emergency response plans, training courses and exercises tailor made for the needs of the company and the objectives of the operations.
  • Advice on communication in time of crisis. Both internally and to authorities, next of kin and the media.